Vibrator Lifetime Achievement Awards

Vibrator of the Year hasn't always existed.  In fact, it was created well after many of the industry's best products had been introduced.  In order to make up for lost time, we have decided to give "Lifetime Achievement Awards" to the industry best, longest lasting products. 

hitachi magic wand

Vibrator of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award #1 is given to the Hitachi Magic Wand - This vibrator/massager has been imported since the 1960's and has a loyal following.  If you want a reliable, powerful massager, the hitachi magic wand is still your best choice. 


Another Vibrator of the  Year Lifetime Achievement Award is given to the Jack Rabbit Vibrator.  Every industry has its superstars.  In the adult novelty industry, this is ours.   Some retailers report that the Jack Rabbit outsells its nearest competitors by a more than 3 to 1 margin.  The Jack Rabbit is a wild success. 


Here is president Tom Nardone presenting the lifetime achievement award as well as the 2008 Vibrator of the Year Award to California Exotic Novelties.  

Vibrator of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award #3 was awarded to the Nea Pleasure Object by Lelo.  The Nea broke new ground in vibrators because it offered an elegant design made from premium materials.  The Nea Pleasure Object uses rechargeable batteries and operates with intelligent touch-controls.  

Lelo Nea2

Unlike other phallic vibrators, the Lelo Nea has the feel of a polished river stone.  It's organic design is form-fitting, organic, and sensual.  The Lelo Nea has been a hit with consumers and has launched an entire wave of premium, organically-shaped vibrators.  It has truly changed the industry and for this reason the Nea Pleasure Object by Lelo is awarded the Life Time Achievement Award.  

Lelo Nea

Vibrator of the Year is awarded yearly by PriveCo Inc., the world's most private company and operators of