The Vibrator of the Year - 2004 - The Ultime
The Ultime vibe
The Ultime Vibrator (pronounced Ul-Team and rhymes with full steam) was introduced before 2004, but we wanted to start with it.  It is one of the first vibrators that was designed by women for women.  Introducing the Ultime was a risky move.  The industry had been dominated by phallic toys in porn-star packaging. The Sinclair Institute did a wonderful job of creating a sex toy that looks like a work of art.  Using conservative packaging and selling the product professionally was a new tactic as well.  
The Ultime packs performance as well.  The shape of the Ultime is perfectly designed to stimulate the g-spot and the vibrating mechanism is quite powerful. 
Kudos to the team at Sinclair for creating sex toys that anyone would want to own.
Unfortunately, the Ultime has been discontinued. After years of strong sales, customers changed over to flexible toys made of silicone. There was no longer room in the marketplace for premium toys made of hard plastic.
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