The Vibrator of the Year - 2008 Is The Paillon
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Finally, a vibrator with a higher purpose.  For many years, we have sold products from companies that don't seem to care.  It is nice for one of our suppliers to show their desire to make the world a better place.  Introducing the Papillon Vibrator.  A portion of every vibrator that California Exotic Novelties manufactures goes to the woman's charity Living Beyond Breast Cancer.  

Aside from its cause, the Papillon is a great vibrator.  It is small, powerful, and inexpensive.  To often, new vibrators are incredibly complex, expensive items.  It isn't that we don't appreciate nice things, but we understand that some customers want a sub-$20 sex toy that works well and means something.  For these reasons we have named the Papillon vibrator as the 2008 Vibrator of the Year.  

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