The Vibrator of the Year - 2013 Is The Stronic Eins
The Stronic Eins Vibrator

The 2013 Vibrator of the Year is the
Stronic Eins. The Stronic Eins moves in ways that no other vibrator has ever moved. Instead of shaking, the Stronic moves fore and aft, sort of like a self-powered shake-weight. Using new technology the Stronic Eins will rub you in just the way you like. You can use the Stronic Eins internally or externally for labia, clitoral, vaginal, or G-spot stimulation.
Whatever way you choose to use the Stronic, we are sure you will enjoy it. Even customers that own other vibrators and massagers are buying the Stronic because of the new sensations that it provides. Fun Factory reports that 80% of women that use it prefer it to a traditional vibrator and we believe that figure. Positive words about the Stronic are easy to find, especially around the office of experts at
The Stronic Eins is named for two things. The term "Stronic" is a description of the technology that moves the vibrator. The word "Eins" is German for the number one as this is the first Stronic vibrator they created.
Hooray for the
Stronic Eins and Congratulations on being named the 2013 Vibrator of the Year.
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