The Vibrator of the Year - 2005 Is Awarded To Silicone Vibrators
The enchanted silicone vibrator
Leave it to sex therapist Sue Johanson to change the adult industry forever.  It seems like before Sue, silicone was a material that was rarely used in adult toys.  Sue knew the benefits of silicone toys and she made sure we all learned a lesson. 

Her silicone toys and the ones that followed are easy to clean, last a long time, don't harbor bacterial growth, feel great and look great too.  They are also now reasonably priced.  This prize is awarded to not just a single vibrator but to a complete line of sex toys for women. 

One example of a well priced silicone toy is the Enchanted Vibrator from
Vibrator of the Year is awarded yearly by PriveCo Inc., the world's most private company and operators of